Marika Markström is a composer and audiovisual artist born 1987 in Finland, currently based in Stockholm. She holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy 2014 and a BFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2012. More recently a BA in electro acoustic composition from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm 2023.

Marika’s artistic expression – which has always been interdisciplinary – consists primarily of spatial sound, paintings and sculptures. Accents of video, light, fashion, performance, poem and theorem coexist in between. Likewise collaborations. The multimedial works are separate but compose entities together. Her visual language turns mainly towards a kind of thorn minimalism with referential traces in signs, fragments and materiality, carrying ambiguous layers of meaning.

Marika’s pieces, though multilayered and poetic, are often marked with anthropocenic imprints, certain existential phenomena and accents of systems theory in contexts like transcorporeality and extended ecology. She is interested in how ideas spread and materialize; how (un)conscious mechanisms within the self and the outside world interact and crystallize in various (im)material forms. Also movements between artificial – natural and hard – fragile often return in her art. These are some of the most tangible aspects within her musical pieces too, where dark, machinic synths meet archaic voices and vibrant instrumental timbres. Since the music academy years she has started to explore fields between electroacoustic atmospheres and ensemble or choral music.


MFA external examination by Jochen Volz, May 2014

Selected CV 2024