XENOBIO* 2022 – 23 (upcoming solo show)

*Xenobio relates to (manmade) elements or organsims that appear in a surrounding or other organism in which they don’t belong.


Within the framework of the project XENOBIO I’ll interweave the following sculpture-painting-intermixes, sculptures and sound into a blackbox audiovisual experience with dimmed spotlights and text fragments. The pieces in this spatial installation explore how the ever-increasing amount of toxic compounds – which in several cases can be seen as a materialisation of greed – find their way into our bodies and destroy important functions. In the front row are the genetically susceptible; around 25% of the population, and among them those who are exposed to more than the majority will subsequently get very sick. Just like the canaries which were brought to the coal mines to, through their death, signal to the workers when the air went too toxic – the conditions of this growing crowd of ‘canaries in the coal mine’, which I’ve also worked with in a previous collaboration project, can be seen as a warning sign from an ecological crisis of unprecedented scales, similar to and interrelated with the climate change. This is what more people start to deeply realise now, behind the curtains of the current paradigm.


Not only do I narrow down on concealed molecular processes and biochemical imprints, but I also focus on their psycho-physical and existential consequences in this affected, growing minority – experiences that are alienated from ordinary phenomena, yet universal in terms of suffering. What is also of interest here is what Felix Guattari named ‘the three ecologies’ – something I’ve focused on the last decade – where the mental, social and environmental ecology are all interdependent, since ideas that gain collective hold or other power spread and materialize – in this context as environmental toxins, among other things, but also as oppositional forces. Nor is it only man who suffers from this, but also endangered animal species and biotopes – which of course backfires on ourselves when we are part of nature down to the smallest of molecules, no matter how much we try to separate our culture from it.


XENOBIO 2022 – choir preview, 6′ 10”



Serpent roulette 2022 – oil on canvas, spray painted cables, wood, ca 170 x 120 x 50 cm



Semi-deaths on the road 2022 – oil and acrylics on canvas, asphalt rubber, ca 174 x 140 x 50 cm



Their greed into toxic 2022 – colour welded steel, ca 91 x 78 x 60 cm



Epigene trap 2022 – oil and acrylics on canvas, steel, ca 174 x 140 x 30 cm



Unimaginable 2022 – plaster on bones, weathered twigs and concrete, ca 155 x 145 x 15 cm



Substructures will always appear 2022 – wall pieces, copper pipes, foam remnants, ca 35 x 115 x 40 cm