Locus minori

Locus minori @ Konsthall C’s digital gallery Atlas no. 3, exposed the whole of January 2024 and on view there ‘forever’

The newest pieces, and their close-ups not present in the gallery, viewable here below:


Behind the scenes (collective) 2023 – oil on canvas, partially burnt silk, steel, ca 195 x 150 x 60 cm



Of other species 2023 – oil on canvas, welded copper pipes, concrete, powdered charcoal, ca 190 x 140 x 15 cm



Behind the scenes (individual) 2023 – oil on canvas, lead, ca 170 x 140 x 10 cm



Perfect storm 2023 – on stage installation with three sculptural metal objects, from the audiovisual event FIRE WALKS that I arranged at the intermedial arts platform Fylkingen in Stockholm Aug 31 2023