2017 – 2018


Borderlands stems from a conceptual context I’ve been immersed into since 2014 when doing my Masters project. In this context themes like ecology in its extended version (mental, social, environmental) and the anthroposcene has paired with a longtime interest in the human psyche and its changes all way back from prehistoric times until the neoliberal now. The borderlands of civilization – often unnoticed raw industrial outskirts between city and land – has become a point of departure. Especially the torned, undefinable fragments I’ve found in such spaces. These excrements, left like everlasting, post-apocalyptic fossils of our current era, appear as if extracted from a collective unconscious against a backdrop of rural areas deprived of their actual value.

This interest takes shape mainly into spatial installations with sound, oil paintings and accents of sculptures, performance and text.


Borderlands 2017 – installation / soundtrack / performance , 16 min



REATTUNE 2017 – stereomix of 8 channel installation, 17 min



Fragmented friend from the borderlands 2017 – oil painting, 165 x 140 cm



Fragment 7 2017 – oil painting, 165 x 135 cm


Augusti [R]evolution @ NAV, curated by Antoine & Amanda Studios, STOCKHOLM 2017
Group show with Giulia Cairone including a participatory philosophical discussion about the future plus a performance by Jimmy Offesson, Thomaz Persson, Emelie Markgren, Jaanus Siniväli and Kristin Kuldkepp




Rethink, redefine, reterritorialize 2017 – installation with oil painting; 165 x 135 cm, artificially colored moss treated for preservation, iron and wood



Grid broken and reformed 2017 – oil painting, 165 x 140 cm



Found fragment 2017 – oil painting, 155 x 140 cm


Rearranged 2017 – oil painting, 155 x 140 cm